I had always dreamed of
and leading
my own
polka band























I guess I had always dreamed of forming and leading my own polka band! I would talk about it with Irene, but the timing never seemed right. We were both involved with different bands and reluctant to leave fellow musicians
and friends of many years. Early in 1971 after returning from an engagement, Irene announced that if I was really serious about forming my own band, that this might be the time, as the majority of the band she was working with decided to retire. Since two other girls besides Irene were
not ready to retire from playing, knowing each other personally and professionally, would be quite an advantage. After some thought, further discussion, and soul searching, I decided to try. I asked the girls to confirm their intentions, and they agreed. I now had four out of six. I then asked a fellow musician, who was not affiliated with any other band at the time, to join, and he agreed. Based upon a recommendation by him, the sixth and final musician was hired. I then gave my notice to the Polkateers with whom I was playing and while the Polkarettes were fulfilling their final obligations we began rehearsals. Six months later
The Sound-A-bouts made their first public appearance September 18, 1971.

Since that first appearance, the band has enjoyed numerous successes appearing at many major Polka festivals, numerous Polka weekends and countless club engagements, weddings and anniversaries throughout New
England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida..

To date 5 albums have been recorded with the last two re-mastered digitally and available on CD as well as Cassette.

In the awards category.
United States Polka Association
Female Vocalist Of The Year (1976)
Irene Jaracz/Co-Leader
Polish & Elks Clubs of Poughkeepsie, NY
Band Of The Year 1982
State of New Hampshire Governors Citations on occasion of the 20th & 25th consecutive years of performing
Flag of the United States of America flown over the United States Capitol on September 12th, 1996, presented by Bob Smith, United States Senator, New Hampshire on occasion of 25 consecutive years of performance.

Now in our 35th year the band continues to perform throughout New England and beyond, is still extremely popular, performing at a wide variety of
Polka dances and functions annually.



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